Are you a top executive in the nuclear business?
Do you want to reach World class performance?
Do you plan to develop a nuclear business?

Why INBEx?

INBEx tailors every mission to individual needs and wishes. Our distinguished experts are internationally recognised within their fields and cover all aspects of nuclear power business leadership.

Typical challenges for INBEx:

• A nuclear company has got new members in its management team with non-nuclear background.

• The executive management team of an energy company strive to reach nuclear business acumen. 

• A country with no prior nuclear industry has decided to develop nuclear power.

• A supplier wants to understand the needs of its customers in the nuclear industry.

Our services

Qualified Experience Dialogue

Typically, the CEO and the executive management team invites to a session of one to three days. INBEx hand-picks a a team of experts to meet the challenges identified prior to the seminar. We avoid the traditional lecturing style of one speaker at the time; instead the seminar is driven by the issues brought up by our partner.

Experience-based learning

INBEx provides a range of business simulations of one or two days duration. In our most popular simulation, the participants form management teams of a fictitious nuclear power plant. Their challenge is to operate it with high profitability, excellent safety, well-orchestrated staff competence development while earning a good reputation in society.

Personal mentoring

INBEx tailors personal development programs according to individual needs.

Business advice

We offer assistance to our partner with independent advice on strategic issues. Some examples are technology choice in developing a nuclear power program, strategies for establishment of authorities, and defining programs for education and training.


Our roots

INBEx has its roots in Sweden and Finland, both small countries with independent nuclear industries. Our core team is mostly Nordic, complemented with expertise from other countries, reflecting our international engagement.

Independent advice

INBEx has good relations with the major nuclear countries and companies, but is not strongly dependent on them. This enables us to provide independent advice.

Our partners

Business Training Systems. World-leading in experience-based
training of business executives www.bts.com

Consultancy in nuclear law and regulation www.conlar.de

The gateway to education and research in France www.i2en.fr

Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute www.nuclear-km.org

SKB, the Swedish Nuclear Waste Management Company, is
world-leading in back-end issues as well as in public acceptance www.skb.se

Training for nuclear professionals www.tecnatom.es

Uppsala University
Founded in 1477, eight Nobel prizes www.nanss.uu.se

World Institute for Nuclear Security www.wins.org

Aachen Institute for Nuclear Training. www.nuclear-training.de