John the fresh Baptist, recognized Patron out of Freemasonry, was known because of the Middlesex Lodge

John the fresh Baptist, recognized Patron out of Freemasonry, was known because of the Middlesex Lodge

With the Summer 24,1842, the latest birthday celebration out of St. It absolutely was the original social Masonic monitor as 1834. So it occasion are regarded as probably one of the most intriguing and essential Masonic celebrations actually ever held to that go out in Massachusetts.

The fresh parade are molded around several o’clock and you can are escorted by Boston Encampment away from Knights Templars from the dominant roads off Framingham into the Rev. Mr. Barry’s Chapel to own ceremonies. Following training on Chapel, the brand new procession was again shaped, and marched so you can a spacious marquee, which was erected with the objective, the spot where the Brethren and their women’s sat as a result of an excellent Temperance Eating. It has been reported that even though the ”master of your own meal” could not ”preference your wine and you will spreading they so you can his customers”, the guy furnished them with a lot of whatever the fashion of the time had noticable getting a better refreshment.

There are multiple toasts and several details. It is stated that there have been up to 100 ladies’ and you can 200 to help you three hundred Masons, in addition to of several away from faraway elements of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Isle. New parade was nearly an one half-kilometer in total and you may included new Ads out of St. John’s, St. Andrew’s, and you can Install Lebanon Lodges, and you may St. Andrew’s Section out-of Boston; that from King Solomon’s Resorts, Charlestown; Star about East, The fresh new Bedford; and you may Middlesex, Framingham. The brand new Boston Encampment was a student in full-dress. Higher credit gotten in order to Middlesex Resorts for its saturated executions and its committee away from plans towards effective and you may excellent manner in which it discharged the key and in charge responsibilities trusted on it.


The country got extended to help you 49 says of the 1895; Grover Cleveland was in his next label; Edison’s kinescope (movies) ended up being designed seven age earlier, nevertheless the very first transcontinental jet trip (which have multiple ends up) had been 16 age away; the first mobile cam is actually 2 decades aside. Middlesex Resorts got 92 participants.

The Centennial Occasion during the 1895 is actually the fresh emphasize of your Framingham personal year. Half-web page accounts of your complex fling have been transmitted by the Framingham Tribune while the Framingham Gazette, before and after brand new Occasion. Over 400 Masons attended the fresh new affair, as well as a great delegation regarding the Huge Hotel which come to Framingham Heart because of the show. Brand new Occasion incorporated an effective Masonic Procession on the Lodge Hall from inside the Bean’s Block at Hub toward initially Parish Unitarian Chapel. Following Church Provider, there can be a superb meal with many speeches and toasts at the the metropolis Hall, finishing as time passes for the individuals make the 9:twenty eight illustrate having Boston regarding South Framingham.


For decades, Middlesex Hotel are brand new rallying area regarding Freemasonry inside the South Middlesex condition, and its monthly correspondence was indeed occurrences on the lifetime of Framingham. The latest Freemasons of those weeks were serious guys. Freemasonry implied far and you may is a critical number to them. None temperature, nor cold, nor length, leftover them off their lodges. Old Central Square and its dated tavern, the brand new ”Main Home”, could tell of numerous an account away from Masonic parades, Masonic funerals, Masonic Celebrations of St. John’s Date, and you may Masonic Foods and suppers that they have witnessed and of the newest dudes off notice using this and nearby towns and cities whom attained to your people occasions.

Rent away from Sister Maynard’s Hall is ten dollars a year and you beste av koner can, when you look at the 1807, in the event that Resorts gone to live in Abner Wheeler’s Hallway, this new rent mounted so you can twenty dollars. The latest Tyler is actually repaid one-dollar each night, offered the guy went to from inside the year, in case the guy failed to attend at beginning, the guy gotten merely 50 cents. The newest steward’s had been taken care of its work by the exempting them away from quarterages. Discover a deeper bills and that we not need certainly to bear. The fresh new information tell you an expenses out-of twenty bucks for the Huge Lecturer for education.

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