The term bluey within the Australian English keeps multiple definitions

The term bluey within the Australian English keeps multiple definitions

The best is the swag (i.e. new line of assets and you will every day necessaries sent by a person take a trip, constantly by walking, on bush) so called because exterior coating of your swag are generally a blue blanket (which is also titled a beneficial bluey).

There’s the brand new everlasting swaggie together with bluey toward their back which was striking out to have sundown to the Never ever-never track. W.T. Goodge, Attacks! Skits! and you will Jingles

A great swaggie instantly looked outside of the plant, unshaven, having nuts, haunted eyes, his bluey and billycan into his back. Grams. Cross, George and you can Widda-Lady (1981)

One to bluey was afterwards transferred to baggage typically, could very well be no wonder in the a metropolitan neighborhood and that romanticises its ’bush’ culture:

The first research getting bluey while the a beneficial swag is actually away from 1878 where the bluey try humped because it are because of the itinerant plant worker tramping the brand new wallaby tune planned regarding writers such Henry Lawson and you can Banjo Paterson

a crude overcoat off bluish-gray woollen, becoming worn by people starting outside really works during the inclement weather. Canberra Minutes (19 The fall of. 1982).

The word has been utilized in order to denote a special goods away from gowns – denim operating shorts otherwise overalls – but the citation research implies (the past pass getting 1950) this particular incorporate no longer is most recent.

Even more common is the usage of bluey to explain an excellent summons, especially for a visitors offense (in the first place printed towards the bluish papers):

Possibly the really Australian the means to access bluey is the curious have fun with of it to explain a yellow-headed individual (basic submitted inside the 1906):

1936 A beneficial.B. Paterson, Shearer’s Colt: ’Bluey’, because crowd titled him, got discover another champ. (All red-haired guys are named ’Bluey’ in australia in some way or other.)

1978 R.H. Conquest, Dirty Ranges: I consequently found out later on he was a local of brand new Southern Wales, titled ’ Bluey because of their red-colored tresses – typical Australian logic.

A very exact use of bluey from inside the Australian English try their software to help you fauna whoever brands focus on bluish and that’s predominantly blue inside the along with:

1961 Bulletin 31 May: I refer to them as blue martins. Ornithologists refer to them as some species of timber ingest. They’ve been the ’blueys’ so you can united states.

There are 2 sensory faculties of one’s phrase bodgie within the Australian English, both probably deriving out-of an earlier (today out-of-date) phrase bodger.

Brand new out-of-date bodger probably derives off United kingdom dialect bodge ’to really works clumsily’. In the Australian English about 1940s and you may 1950s bodger meant: ’Something (or from time to time someone) that’s fake, not true, or worthless’. The newest noun has also been used adjectivally. Normal uses:

1966 S. Baker, New Australian Words: An early underworld and you will Armed forces the means to access bodger getting something faked, worthless or shoddy. Such as for example, a faked bill otherwise untrue title.. is an excellent bodger; therefore try a shoddy piece of situation marketed of the a home-to-home hawker.

1975 Latch & Hitchings, Mr X: To prevent any suspicions in case these were found of the the latest Transportation Regulation Board, it had been felt like.. when deciding to take an excellent ’bodgy’ receipt towards the tyres together.

1978 O. White, Quiet Visited: So it pile is actually hot – otherwise as to the reasons performed they supply they a single-finish sprinkle occupations along the modern white duco and fix-it that have bodgie matter plates?

Regarding the 1950s another feeling of bodgie emerged. The expression was used to describe a masculine youth, notable from the his compliance to particular fashions from skirt and you may larrikin behaviour; analogous into Uk ’teddy boy’:

1950 Weekend Telegraph (Sydney) 7 Can get: The fresh new unconventional uniform of ’bodgey’ – belted velvet cable coat, vibrant blue sports layer in place of a wrap, brownish jeans narrowed at foot, shaggy Cornel Wilde haircut.

1951 Questionnaire Early morning Herald step 1 March: What that have ’bodgies’ increasing hair long and obtaining as much as when you look at the satin shirts, and you will ’weegies’ [select widgie] reducing their hair brief and you can sporting trousers, distress appears to be be occurring regarding the sex of a few Australian teenagers.

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